Mission Statement

Yak-Tat Kwaan

Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc. is a for-profit ANCSA corporation dedicated to providing meaningful and sustainable benefits to shareholders and our community by developing a portfolio of profitable, diverse business investments while being responsible stewards of our resources, in a manner consistent with our Native values.





YTK, Kwaan Holding, Broken Oar,
Kwaan Leasing & Finance are now
located at the Situk Leasing Office-Airport Road
907-784-3335 Main Office
907-784-3316 Situk Leasing
907-784-3622 Main Fax

YCDC/Shareholder Records Office
is still located at the Malaspina Office
Shelley Bremner- YCDC/Shareholder Records 907-784-3488
YCDC/Shareholder Records sbrember.ytk@gmail.com

Alaskan beach at sunset